It is a New Year. Please let us keep the negativiy in 2013.
Do not carry that hump on your back. Let God Carry that Burden. My Mother always use to tell me “To leave it at the Foot of the Cross!”
So in 2014 come in with a light heart and a Smile for if you truly believe…….You know Jesus will work it out!!!
Negativity is so Unattractive.
Positivity is So much more Beautiful.
It takes more muscles in your face to frown than to Smile !
Negativity is not good on the Mind, Heart or the Soul!!
So let us live in 2014 Harmoniously!!
Let us strive for open hearts and minds! We are not perfect be we can sure put our best foot foward!
Live Life!
Love Life!
Smooches with a Smile in 2014!!